IT and Digitalization Make Your Business More Efficient.

Accelerate your business processes with the help of digitalization. Morse Software and Research delivers custom software solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

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Your head start in the information era

Reliable partners are a prerequisite for successful project implementation. Because nothing can go wrong with digitalization, we are the first point of contact.

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Customized support for your business processes helps you to cope with the rapid pace of software requirements.

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Data and artificial intelligence

Linking data with the help of artificial intelligence enables you to offer digital services on an individual basis.

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Individual support

Adapt the software to your requirements - not your requirements to the software.


Our services are awesome

We provides a range of services related to software development, deployment, and maintenance. We typically offer expertise in various technologies and programming languages to help businesses and organizations meet their software-related needs.

Cloud solutions

A cloud-based software solution adapts to changing requirements at any time and can be scaled as required. Cloud-based applications are optimal for adapting your software to business growth.

Web applications

We design and develop your multifunctional website and store system. We are also happy to develop individual interfaces to other systems to cover your digital and complex workflows in the company.

Interface integrations

You require an individual interface between two software products to enable a continuous process? We advise you on process optimization and take care of the implementation.

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